Sunday, May 10, 2009

Driftwood Art

One of my hobbies is called Driftwood Art. I have been taking this class for about five years. The technique we use is called the LuRon Method. The wood we use is what is called found wood. Mostly driftwood but also wood that is found in the forest.

First, the wood is cleaned by washing with a garden hose to remove any loose debris. Then it is further cleaned by using a sharp tool to remove any dead wood. The object is to get down to good wood. Then we sand the wood until smooth and then comes a technique called boning. We rub the wood with a smooth deer antler. This process seals the wood and gives it a shine. Originally the process was taught to the founder of the LuRon Method, Lucile Worlund, by the Makah Indians.

Here is an example of Driftwood Art.

Want to see more? Visit the Northwest Driftwood Artists Website by clicking here.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Feeding Time

This is a picture that was emailed to me. Perfect for a Spring day!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boston Children's Museum

While catching up on my blog reading this morning I was reminded of a place I frequented often as a child. It was the Children's Museum. At that time it was housed in one of the large mansion homes located across the Jamaica Way from Jamaica Pond in Jamaica Plain Massachusetts.
I started going there when I was probably about 8 or 9. I was a Junior Curator and did a stint in the live animal room. I remember they had snakes and mice (I didn't know at the time that the mice were actually food), and a few other harmless animals. I also learned bell ringing at the museum. It was how I learned to read music. There was also a stuffed baby elephant in the museum named Molly. She had been at the Franklin Park Zoo when she died.
The first time I ever heard of Molly was in one of my Dad's stories. He had lots of them. According to my Dad he was sitting outside the museum one day when a large truck pulled up in front. At this time the Museum was located on the grounds at Jamaica Pond. The guys opened the truck and there was the stuffed Molly! You can just imagine how this must have looked to a young boy. The men asked my Dad if he wanted to help carry the elephant into the Museum and he jumped at the chance. So, every time the Children's Museum was mentioned Dad would say "I helped carry that elephant into the Museum"!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Busy Weekend

I hope you had a nice Easter. For me it was a busy weekend. First I found out that I won a contest held by Michelle on her blog Boulderneigh. Be sure to check out her blog, it is one of my favorites and I've been reading it for a long time. Anyway, Michelle is a shepherdess and held a contest on how many new lambs would be born at Boulderneigh this spring and the number of rams and ewes and how many would be gulmogets. (It's OK I didn't know what gulmogets were either until I read Michelle's blog). You need to check out the pictures Michelle has of the new babies on the blog. I can't believe I won.

Saturday was opening day of the Issaquah Farmers Market. It was a rainy day yet it attracted a large crowd. Since this was the first day and with the winter weather having been so bad this year, the farmers didn't have much in the way of produce but did have some flowers to sell. There were quite a few crafts people there but still a smaller number than in past opening days. I think the weather combined with the slow economy, convinced some to stay home.

Sunday started with Mass at 7 AM. Then I was invited out for lunch by my brother-in-law because my husband had to work. Brunch was at Muckleshoot Casino. Muckleshoot is my favorite casino but I'm not crazy about their restaurant that had the brunch. The Tulalip Casino has a much nicer brunch. So, we had brunch and gambled a little and it was a fun day.

Today and every Monday I go to my Driftwood Art class. I will do a post soon on driftwood art. So, it has been a tiring but enjoyable weekend.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Yesterday was a big day for Bob and I. We had out marriage blessed by the Catholic Church. They call it a convalidation. Bob and I were married 18 years ago at Little Church of the West in Las Vegas. When I learned that I needed to have my marriage blessed in order to continue receiving sacraments there was no question that it was something I had to do. I did it for my spiritual well being.
It wasn't a hard process. The fact that we both were only married once made it much easier. So, after Mass yesterday we went to the Chapel and in front of about 20 of our friends, pledged ourselves to each other once again. During the ceremony, I held a Crucifix that belonged to my Great Grandfather. It is over 100 years old. It was passed down to my Grandmother and then to my Mother, who passed away last year. The Crucifix was a way of having them with me on one of the most important days of my life.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Farmers Market Meeting

Saturday was our annual Issaquah Farmer's Marker meeting. This is the meeting where the market manager goes over the rules for the market and new craft vendors get their crafts juried to see if they will be accepted to the market.
Before I left I checked out some of the items these new vendors had to sell and I'd say 80% of the items were jewelry items. Just what every market and craft sale needs is more jewelry.......NOT!!
Every craft show I participated in, in the last few years, has had an abundance of jewelry. So much so that I think a lot of people don't go to craft fairs very much because of this.
Does anyone else feel this way?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Leavenworth, Washington

One of my favorite places to visit here in Washington is Leavenworth. After browsing through my photos, I thought I'd post some of the photos I took on a day trip there.

This is a photo of a painting at the entrance of a restaurant......

This is a picture looking west from the center of town. Those are the Cascade Mountains. Seattle is about 2 hours away in that direction.......

Leavenworth is a Bavarian style tourist town. Any building or home built in the town has to be in the Bavarian style. It's a very beautiful place. Here are two examples of the building in town.....

And here is a picture taken that day of one of my dogs, Rocky.....

Just west of Leavenworth is Lake Wenatchee......

If you would like to read a funny story about this day trip just visit The Diego Dog blog at