Friday, February 13, 2009


Today I went to an agility trial with my friends Sandy and Terri. I really enjoy watching the dogs. I've had dogs most of my life. As a child I had a collie named Laddie. Laddie would walk me to school in the morning and be waiting for me at Noon when it was time to walk home for lunch. He'd walk me back after lunch and was always there at 3 to go home. My Mom said he was around during the day so he didn't just wait there at school for me.

I got my first Afghan Hound in 1973. From then until last year I've owned a total of eight afghans. My last afghan was an American/Canadian champion. I enjoyed showing my afghans but that venture was cut short by health problems.

My first afghan, Phineas T., traveled with me and Kathy and her dog Poco to Venice, Florida. We lived at a campground for sometime and it was quite an adventure. We ended up in Venice because it was the circus winter quarters. In Venice, I worked at Venice Hospital as a maintenance person. Mostly working outside on the lawns and gardens.

Now, due to health issues, it seems like everything I do is such an effort. It's not so much fun not being able to work or do a lot of the things I used to do. I've actually worked since I was 13 years old. First at a senior citizen home. Then John Hancock Insurance Co. for 20 years. I then went to travel school and got a job with Garber Travel in Boston. After I moved to California I worked at Associated Travel. When we moved to the Northwest I worked for a company that made circuit boards and at OfficeMax. I also worked a lot of part-time jobs. I worked at a radio station WMEX in Boston. Ringling Bros. Circus and Lowe's movie theatre along with a few other jobs.

Now that I've become disabled and unable to work I really miss it.

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