Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Favorite Job

When I was 19 years old I got a job at WMEX radio station in Boston. It was such a fun job. I worked with two DJ's....John Garabedian and Bud Ballou. It was a part time job. I worked from 5 to 10 PM. Mostly I answered phones taking song requests. I also did some typing work when it needed to be done.

The perks that came with that job were the best when you are only 19. I met many recording artists and other celebrities. Probably the most famous was Rod Stewart. It was VERY early in his career and he was not so well known at the time. WMEX was the first radio station to play his hit Maggie May. He played a concert on Boston Common. The concert series was called Sunset on the Common. Anyway, John Garabedian went to pick him up at the concert but things didn't go as planned because Mr. Stewart had indulged in a bit of drinking. If I remember right, he never did do the radio interview.

Another memorable time was when John went to London. He had been scheduled to interview the Beatles but there was a change of plans. When John came back he had a studio copy of George Harrison's new album All Things Must Pass. It was about 1/4 inch thick. Not like a regular album. It was one of the first copies of the album and the only one in the United States. It was a big score for WMEX to have this album. John showed it to me and yes, you know it.....I nearly dropped it.

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