Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boston Children's Museum

While catching up on my blog reading this morning I was reminded of a place I frequented often as a child. It was the Children's Museum. At that time it was housed in one of the large mansion homes located across the Jamaica Way from Jamaica Pond in Jamaica Plain Massachusetts.
I started going there when I was probably about 8 or 9. I was a Junior Curator and did a stint in the live animal room. I remember they had snakes and mice (I didn't know at the time that the mice were actually food), and a few other harmless animals. I also learned bell ringing at the museum. It was how I learned to read music. There was also a stuffed baby elephant in the museum named Molly. She had been at the Franklin Park Zoo when she died.
The first time I ever heard of Molly was in one of my Dad's stories. He had lots of them. According to my Dad he was sitting outside the museum one day when a large truck pulled up in front. At this time the Museum was located on the grounds at Jamaica Pond. The guys opened the truck and there was the stuffed Molly! You can just imagine how this must have looked to a young boy. The men asked my Dad if he wanted to help carry the elephant into the Museum and he jumped at the chance. So, every time the Children's Museum was mentioned Dad would say "I helped carry that elephant into the Museum"!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Lynn:
Could we use your story for an upcoming celebration notebook we're doing for our 100th birthday?
Please let me know: -Judi T Cantor, VP of Development, Boston Children's Museum, 617 426-6500 x 201 Thank you!