Monday, April 6, 2009


Yesterday was a big day for Bob and I. We had out marriage blessed by the Catholic Church. They call it a convalidation. Bob and I were married 18 years ago at Little Church of the West in Las Vegas. When I learned that I needed to have my marriage blessed in order to continue receiving sacraments there was no question that it was something I had to do. I did it for my spiritual well being.
It wasn't a hard process. The fact that we both were only married once made it much easier. So, after Mass yesterday we went to the Chapel and in front of about 20 of our friends, pledged ourselves to each other once again. During the ceremony, I held a Crucifix that belonged to my Great Grandfather. It is over 100 years old. It was passed down to my Grandmother and then to my Mother, who passed away last year. The Crucifix was a way of having them with me on one of the most important days of my life.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hey you! You won Boulderneigh's lambing contest with an exact match on number of lambs and ratio of boys to girls (just a little short on the number of gulmoget-patterned lambs). Email me (link on blog) or post a comment and let me know what you would like as your prize: fiber to spin, yarn, sheepy bead pins or photo notecards (if you are having a VERY hard time deciding between those options, choose two :-).

Oh, and blessings on renewing your marriage vows, so to speak. I have been remiss in not being a follower; I'm going to rectify that now.

BAC said...

Thanks Michelle!!
I am heading over to Boulderneigh right now. I'm so excited that I won!! Almost as excited as I was while keeping up with the new babies.